27 May 2006

Viking Sweater

Then I decided I wanted to do some colorwork, for the first time in a long time, and came up with this brown sweater for my husband, inspired by a lovely hemp sweater by LanaKnits, but made instead out of alpaca out of the stash, as I'm trying to reduce, and with my own version of the pattern, to fit my available colors and totally different gauge (the sleeve picture below gives the more accurate idea of what the colors really are). I've got the main part of the body and one sleeve, and have paused to consider collar options. I'm thinking Norwegian pewter clasps. I'm also gearing myself up to rip out the last few rows of the body. Somehow, my gauge in the plain main-color knitting got waaaay looser after doing the color panel. So I'm taking a little break before attempting to fix it....

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