27 May 2006

Keeping the Head Warm

Then I embarked on a hat, making it up myself for the first time. This one began with spying this crazy yarn in a kiosk in one of Ivanovo's many malls. Then, realizing that I would need something considerably warmer (this was long before I resorted to the fur hat), I also knit a second hat in plain red 100% wool, casting on at the point where the ribbed brim begins with non-felting waste yarn, then felting the body of the hat, picking up the stitches in the original wool yarn, and knitting down for a big long brim that could be doubled or even tripled to keep the nasty wind from my forehead. The idea was to be able to wear the bobbly red hat on top of the felted hat for maximum warmth in times of extremity (i.e., January through April). But I didn't felt the plain hat far enough, and now it's too late to do more since I've already knitted on the ribbing. Oh well. They work nicely enough as two separate hats, even if they didn't prove sufficient for the Russian winter!

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