14 August 2006

100 Things About Me (Revised)

I deleted the version of my 100 Things About Me that was here for two reasons: 1.) I was bored with it and 2.) It has been increasingly dawning on me how many weirdos there are out there, and I'm in the slow process of removing or revising all the personal-ish information about me that I have control over.

So. Here's a new version. More vague, still accurate, and with the extra-added advantage of being shorter.

1. I'm a member of the MTV generation. I remember watching MTV the very first year it aired. I'm still a little nostalgic about the original VJs.

2. I grew up in the tulip capital of the U. S. of A.

3. My favorite color is red. Sometimes I forget to notice that other colors can be nice, too, which is one of the reasons that I like to read knitting blogs.

4. I can't cook.

5. I can't sing.

6. I can't dance.

7. And I am extremely clutzy.

8. I read and write a lot, and always have. Those are two things I'm good at, and like most people are with the things they're good at, I'm picky about them.

9. I'm a historian. I like and/or am interested in pretty much anything that's old.

10. The converse of that is that I'm often not interested in things that are actually going on right now. Unless they have potential for historical interest, later. I'm weird that way.

11. I also like pretty much anything that's foreign or new to me. I get bored easily, which I consider a character flaw.

12. But my love for all things new-to-me means I'm good at learning. Not so good at following through, though.

13. I learned to knit while living in Norway as a high school exchange student.

14. I've tried most crafts at least once, but the only one I've really stuck with over time and keep going back to is knitting.

15. I think because, for me, it's just the right balance of interest and mindlessness, creativity and simplicity, aesthetic pleasure and convenience. I don't really know, though - any analysis doesn't really encompass how I feel about it completely.

16. I recently learned to spin and I *love* it. Love.

17. I can't explain why that is, either, and I'm not sure it would stick if I didn't get a spinning wheel. But I'm so totally going to get a spinning wheel!

18. I let my driver's license lapse years ago and would love to never have to get one again. Hate cars.

19. I've been living in New York City for grad school and now I'll be working there in the fall and into the indefinite future.

20. I saw a New Yorker cartoon with a guy walking down the street wearing a t-shirt just like the "I heart NYC" ones except it said "I have mixed feelings about NYC." That's me.

21. I travel to Russia every few years, usually for a longish stay, for research purposes.

22. I'm right-handed, and apparently also right-brained. This was total news to me, when I did on online test recently.

23. I haven't had TV since the final episode of Seinfeld aired. I watch DVDs and the internetz.

24. This is largely because, when I do see TV, it raises my blood pressure and, in the end, leaves me feeling like I've wasted my time and probably killed a few brain cells.

25. I've become something of a moderate foodie in recent years. It happened under the influence of my husband. His reasons are completely about health and taste. I'm also concerned about environmental and animal cruelty issues, though not so much that I made very many changes on my own, before meeting my husband.

26. I have tried playing the violin, the flute, and the bassoon. These were not successful experiments.

27. I have a tin ear.

28. I hate being the center of attention. Can't stand it.

29. I'm an Aries.

30. My Jungian type is INTJ.

31. I'm a Ravelry addict.

32. I remember browsing the web with a text-only program called lynx.

33. That kind of crap makes me feel really old.

34. Biggest pet peeve: willful incompetence.

35. Favorite thing in the world: Time spent with my husband and/or a handful of dearest friends, preferably with access to tea, books, and yarn at the same time.

Aw, heck, I can only think of 35 things. Oh well.


AlisonK said...

Greetings from the UK. Thanks for sharing your 100. I completely agree with you on many points - especially No.90!
Not sure you'd find living here sufficiently different from living where you do now, given our present Govt's tendency for doing exactly what Bush tells them
(that "Yo, Blair" moment went down like a lead balloon here), but I do have to say that the health insurance thing would be (mostly) sorted out still by us having the NHS - even with all its many faults.

gretchen said...

I just clicked through from another blog...affinity? I think. Fascinating to me is I am also from Michigan, studied Russian History (though I'm a lawyer now) and live in NYC (Brooklyn). I'd also like to leave, but as my hubby was born and raised here it's not a likely future.

I'll be posting your geek knitter list later today at my blog - great idea!


Lucinda said...

When I saw you did the 100 Things, I had to check that blog entry out, of course. Very interesting, & very cool.

#15 & #21 apply to me also, with regards to Norway. So do quite a few of your other ones, but I won't bore you with listing them.