10 August 2006

7 Things Meme

There's little blogworthy knitting to present today - working on socks tends to lead to that, doesn't it? Unless you're doing gorgeous, big, challenging Fair Isle ones, like Grumperina. I'm not. Mine have an inch or two more than they did yesterday. Ho-hum. Did some edge stitching on a handbag, too. Blocked the oh-so-boring scarf. Played with my diss chapter - not clear yet whether it helped. Blah. Have to do the dishes now.

So here's a pretty picture and a meme.

Something to keep us cool:

(This picture was taken in rural Russia, not by me, but by a friend. I was there, though.)


7 Things About Me Meme

In no particular order

Seven Things To Do Before I Die:

1. Go to Meg Swansen's Knitting Camp
2. Write a novel
3. Finish my PhD
4. Spend more time in Western Europe
5. Have children. At least one, preferably two.
6. Own a home
7. Get in good physical shape and, if possible, stay that way

Seven Things I Cannot Do:

1. Sing
2. Dance
3. Act
4. Play competitive sports of any kind
5. Be patient
6. Cook artfully
7. Appreciate the alleged appeal of beer, or coffee

Seven Things That Attract Me To My Mate:

(NB: is this supposed to be about me, or him? Grammatically, it could go either way. But I've seen most people write it about the mate, and that's more fun, so that's what I'm going to do)

1. He's hot - hot
2. He's got a perfect body. No kidding. Yes, this counts as an extra beyond just that he's generally hot
3. He's brilliant
4. He's a native speaker of Russian
5. He cooks well, and cleans usually before I think to
6. He says all the right things, and means them
7. He loves, loves, loves having things knit for him
7.5. No fair - I'm out of space before I'm out of Things!

Seven Books/Authors I Love:

1. Jane Austen
2. Dorothy L. Sayers
3. Georgette Heyer
4. Neil Gaiman
5. G. K. Chesteron
6. J. K. Rowling
7. Vladimir Nabokov

Seven Things I Say:

1. "Anyway."
2. "So…what was I saying?"
3. "Whatever."
4. "That's just wrong."
5. "I'm morally opposed to that."
6. "You know what I mean."
7. "That's so cool."

Seven Movies I've Loved:

1. American Beauty
2. The Trouble with Harry
3. Sense & Sensibility (Emma Thompson version)
4. Fargo
5. Grosse Pointe Blank
6. Harold & Maude
7. Breaking the Waves


Kathy in DC said...

Love your blog. Someday I will be able to USE "Blogger". I'm very INEPT with it. Try these for movies: Ladies in Lavender (w/Judi Dench), Pride & Prejudice (A & E version, not the lastest one), Chocolat (with Johnny Depp, Juliette Binoche, & Judi Dench) and Jane Eyre (A&E).

Kate said...

Love the blog. Your knit geek questionnaire is making you famous!