29 November 2007

Pictures - A Start

I know, I know.

I'm a total blog failure lately.

And it's not really because I'm preparing for a campus job interview (yahoo!) which means writing a presentation/lecture, researching the school, and trying not to worry myself to death. It's really all about spending too much time on Ravelry.

My alpaca leg-warmers. This is what I ended up doing with that KnitPicks Decadence I didn't know what to do with. Very handy here.

Some spinning:

The blue-ish stuff is the gradation-dyed merino I got at the Allegan Fiber Festival. When I bought it the seller warned me that the dye could make it difficult to draft. It's true - I really needed two hands to do it. So, with the help of this video (and all those weeks of practice with the supported spindling), I finally learned to successfully use a drop spindle!!

More soon, I promise!