14 August 2006

Knit Geeks

Another Kate says in the comments that I'm getting famous with my Knit Geek Questionnaire. Maybe not quite, but I've seen a few more of these turning up, and I love reading them. So I'm putting the list of all the Knit Geeks I know of here, and I'll keep adding to it, and link to it on the sidebar, as I find more Geeks. If you fill(ed) one out and aren't on this list, let me know!

I really think this might actually serve a purpose of sorts.

How many of you also listen to Cast-On religiously, like me? You know how Brenda (yay, Brenda!!) is always asking us to subvert the genre, and has several times complained about those dumb journalists who keep talking about the new yoga, and filling up their space with a lot of tired jokes about grandmas and that condescending attitude? As if something that is often done by grandmas is automatically a subject of ridicule???? Hel-LO rampant sexism. Never mind that these people's knowledge about knitting or the people who practice it is woe-woe-woefully inadequate.

So I thought it'd be good if a budding nitwit journalist (a very different thing from a knitwit), just off on an assignment to cover a fiber festival or the Knit-Out in Union Square or something of that sort could google and find this list, and read the questionnaires linked here, and get just the smallest sense of the huge vitality and diversity JUST among this small group of knitting bloggers (clearly a tiny sub-set of knitters overall).

Cool, huh? So let's make the list long.

Knit Geeks (in alphabetical order)

Bonne Marie
Domestic Bliss
Got Gauge
Kate A.
Kate from Minneapolis
Laura from Affiknitty
Midnight Purls
The Purloined Letter
The Reactionary Knitter
Tygher Knits

Those who haven't done so - go copy the template and fill out your own Questionnaire!


Sara in WI said...

I enjoyed reading the Knit-Geek Questionnaires! I could fill one out but have no blog on which to post. I did have a long "think" on each of the questions, though, and found my own answers somewhat different than others. 'Sort of an "odd ball." heh

Deede said...

I can't wait to stop getting crazy looks when I tell people that I knit. I firmly believe the more big things knitters do together, the more we'll be understood.

Kate said...

There sure are alot of us Kates knitting aren't there? I'm doing the questionnaire today!

Midnight Purls said...

Great questionare. I filled one out!

Robin said...

Love your blog and I had fun with the questionnaire - my answers are at http://yarncrawl.blogspot.com.

irid3sc3nt said...

I found this questionnaire via a blog commenting on another blog referencing this one. My livejournal is not strictly knitting, but since I'm a "gift knitter" I wanted to comment on how much I enjoy reading about everyone's experiences through this questionnaire.