14 August 2006

Blog Admin Bookend the Second

As I explained below, I've just been posting a bunch of stuff, already available on the sidebar, so that I can keep it stored here on Blogger instead of on my home server.

One of these days soon, I'll also finally - after years of not getting around to it - update, correct, and make printable the list of Russian knitting terms, and whatever addresses I can dig up for yarn stores in Moscow and Petersburg (and for that matter, Ivanovo). I can't do it just yet, but I swear it's on my agenda. Those of you who may have emailed me about it (or about anything else for that matter) - I hear you, I'm thinking about it, I know I'm really bad about answering email, and I swear I'll do something about all the requests one day soon.

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caroline said...

I don't know if it's is against "comment" decorum to comment on a previous blog in a present one, but...I just wanted to tell you that I loved your "hundred things about you." I have this idea that since knitting is such a contemplative thing, that many knittiers have enough depth to share your concerns about what our country has done in the past and where it is headed now.