30 May 2006

Icarus, Day Four

DH is off putting food on the table, so I had a little difficulty finding a way to photograph this. I ended up pinning one of the stitch markers (aka safety pins) to the string in the middle of the window blind, sticking one of the needle points between the blinds, and letting it hang from there. The result looks more like a bat poised to fly away than anything relating to the Icarus legend, but oh well.

Don't pay any attention to the official dating on this blog before this point - I put all the posts together from my old knitting page (the old-fashioned kind of plain web site), and have been messing around entirely too much with moving things around here and there. Starting right now, no more playing with the computer. So I can get more knitting, er, writing on my dissertation done!

Although, maybe, one of these days I'll finally get around to correcting the mistakes on my page of Russian knitting terms, and putting together a printable PDF version. Hubbster can help. Will start actually answering my email, too. Or...I could get that dissertation written....

Oh, and btw - I thought I was much further along on the shawl than I was/am. I was counting the first completion of Chart one as one of the 5 repeats - not because I missed the instruction to repeat rows 19-42 five times "MORE," but out of sheer wishful thinking. Damn. So I'm just now almost finishing the third repeat. Grr. All the fault of the @%^@% blog.

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