30 May 2006

Spit-Felted Join Working Fine

My yarn comes in tiny 100-meter skeins so I'm going to have to do a lot of joins...it's 100% alpaca, so I took a deep breath and spit-felted the ends together. I'd only tried this twice before (once it worked, once it didn't, probably because it was a blend masquerading as a wool). But it seems to have worked beautifully here! I should have overlapped the ends a bit more - the felting made the join a little thinner than the yarn -- and I was afraid the felted part would be noticeably less shiny than the twisted, plied, main part of the yarn. But looking at it in direct sunlight today, I'm happy to say that the join doesn't show in the least. Not that you can tell from this picture, so you'll have to trust me. It helps that the yarn fuzzes up a bit....

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