27 May 2006


This second project was a little more complicated, another sweater this time for myself, with pressed wool (felt) on the top, which luckily my host mother sewed in for me. It shows off several great traditional Norwegian elements - the pressed wool, the embroidered edging (which you can buy there in ribbons and you just have to sew on - the felt is also available by the yard) and the pewter clasps. All of this stuff is available in the states from a reasonably priced and generally really GREAT company (no affiliation), called Norsk Fjord Fiber. Help me keep them in business forever, so I don't have to go all the way back to Norway for great Norwegian books and notions! I still have the yarn I intended to use to make the matching stockings, but as I couldn't imagine myself ever wearing those stockings (the wool is a bit itchy), I didn't ever get around to it. Instead I made a matching headband, which is too itchy to wear but which I still drag around with me through every move. The original pattern was from the Norwegian Idena company catalog, Nr. 11, 1991.

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