27 May 2006

La La Scarf

The next scarf was my effort to one-up the long stripey scarf from Gap - I did it in this great new microfiber yarn from Lion Brand (though the many skinny plies tend to pull out easily), in garter stitch to make the colors bleed a little, and sideways for an unusual touch - I used long circular needles to hold all the stitches. Not sure how many I cast on in the end - I just did as many as I could handle on the circular needle, which made a scarf long enough to touch the floor when hung around the neck of my 5'10" friend Franny.

Franny works in the movies in LA, and often works after dark when it gets mighty cold by California standards, so I thought she might need a pair of wrist-warmers to go with the super-cool scarf. The pattern is slightly modified from the voo-doo wrist warmers in the latest issue of Knitty, the fantastic online knitting magazine which I discovered at this time, when its first issue came out. Go there now! Beautifully designed site, witty and amusing writing, and great patterns!

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