27 May 2006

Peace Fleece Discovered

Once I'd made several pairs of slippers, it finally occurred to me that that must mean I know how to make socks. So I made my first pair of socks. I used Peace Fleece yarn, a new favorite. It's made of half-Russian and half-American yarn, which makes it especially appropriate for me and my Russian fiance (for whom this pair was intended). Peace Fleece is a great company and a great cause, but above all a great yarn. It's an incredible bargain for the quality, comes in beautiful colors, and most colors have lots and lots of other colors in the mix. These socks look sort of army-olive from a distance, but in fact contain flecks of every color under the sun. It softens up magnificently the first time you wash it. (I use Eucalan wool wash, as it restores/maintains the lanolin that other detergents wash out of wool.)

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