27 May 2006

Belt Experiment

Summer, 2004

Lately, I noticed everybody's wearing belts. Particularly those cotton, retro-80s striped belts from Old Navy. Having bought my obligatory Old Navy shorts for this season, I decided I could do better with the belts on my own. I came up with this, though I'm not totally happy with it. It was knitted with the whole length on the needles at once, and my bind-off was a little tight, so it doesn't lie as flat as I'd like. Also, not wide enough. But I did like the stranded yarns -I switched between various combinations of cotton yarns, variegated and plain, plus a thin strand of black eyelash.

I tried again with a different strategy. I cast on at the short end and alternated a few rows of stockinette, then reverse stockinette, to get a rib-like texture, but going the other direction. I also alternated variegated and solid yarns, at a loose gauge so it wouldn't take forever, but only one strand at a time. Unfortunately, it was taking forever anyway, and I got bored.

I realized it was a lot easier and faster to buy pretty ribbons at a trimmings store and sew belts.

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