27 May 2006

Scarf Fever

I've had to set aside the Dutch fisherman's sweater for my mom over the holidays, in a mad rush to make scarves for everyone I know, inspired first by the beautiful and reasonably priced hand-spun wool I found at the Union Square farmer's market in NYC. (Made by Wooly Hill Farm). I also noticed that everybody who wasn't wearing a long stripey Gap scarf this season was wearing a short one with a slit to put one side through to keep it from blowing away. So I made three short, thick scarves from the hand-spun, two in garter stitch and shades of red, and one natural-colored in stockinette with a garter edge (and yes, it's a little too curly). Then another in garter out of this cool denim-style yarn from Bernat that I wanted to try. The hand-spun had so much lanolin it made my beautiful old wooden needles all shiny and even more beautiful than before.

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