27 May 2006

Icarus Knit-A-Long

And, the biggest news of all, I've started my first shawl. I've been opposing shawls for a very long time, and knitting lace almost as vehemently, but the folks at Interweave know what they're doing, and Icarus has proven just too tempting.... But I figure I'll need a lot of support to get through this, so I've joined my first Knit-a-Long. My shawl is made from a Peruvian baby alpaca yarn I bought in Russia. My best size 3 circs are unfortunately Addi turbos (I never thought I'd put the words "unfortunately" and "Addi" in the same sentence, at least without "don't have any"...), so they're a bit slippery for this project. Hence the lifelines I'm using liberally - another first!

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