27 May 2006

Sockie Wockies

From the same mall kiosk, I bought some really lovely 1-ply variegated alpaca. The first ball, in a range of oranges and browns, went into a pair of footies for Sergei, as he loves those colors. The second pair, in blues, is for me. I used Priscilla-Gibson Roberts' toe-up method to make them, but the idea of making thick little sockie-wockies with short tops came from my friend Ruth, who has a magnificent map of Moscow Yarn Stores on her site. While I'm on about socks, I also started another pair in a variegated sock yarn I bought back home, which was the first time I've tried knitting both together on one single circular needle (the "Magic Loop" method). I love it! Especially using a super-long Addi Turbo needle, which I found relatively cheap at a store in Moscow.

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