27 May 2006

Ballet Sweater

I also got halfway-through a light ballet sweater with a curious design adapted from my friend Kim's store-bought sweater (she's making one too, as her first foray into knitting, ura!), made with black Baby Silk Alpaca on big needles. But I took it home with me over xmas thinking I'd finish it there - naturally, I was too busy for knitting, didn't finish it, and then decided it was ridiculous to drag it across the Atlantic twice when I have more yarn in Russia than I can knit here already, and so left it at home. The shape is really unusual. It starts as a tube at the bottom of the body, but instead of making armholes, you split it in the middle front and back as for a V-neck (but on both sides), and continue the same decreases up and up, forming shoulders, until after about 8 inches or so (if I recall correctly) you start knitting the two side as tubes for the sleeves. The result is that the only "seems" (mine is seemless but of course the original store-bought version had them) are along the upper part of the sleeves and down the center front and back. Oh, nevermind - I'll try to draw a schematic sometime, or it'll never make sense (since the black doesn't show up well in a photo, either).

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