04 March 2007

A Little Bit of Fun

I just typed the following citation into my dissertation: "Richard Rutt, A History of Handknitting."

You gotta love that. I hope somebody who knits will someday read this dissertation, if only so they can giggle with me over that footnote.

I'm strongly tempted to also cite the new book on Victorian lace knitting as well, even though it's got the same information (and actually got it from Rutt). Do you think the professors who read this thing will assume I knit, or that I don't and am just an incredibly thorough researcher??

Still starting more WIPs, when I knit at all, which is rarely. Sigh. Sorry.


miss ewe said...

I think if you don't take your knitting to your defense (and don't wear any obvious handknits), you'll look like a champion of research. Fun that you could slide that in! How's it going besides that?

Marianne said...

Hey, don't apologize, you're busy and we understand that....you're doing great with what you're doing.

Beth said...

We do understand that you're busy but we still miss you.

Lynn said...

No apologizes amongst friends, silly!

I think you should put the citation in. Hehehe. If for no other reason than making you giggle to yourself.

Frances said...

I'm beginning to feel strongly that when you finish your dissertation, you must make it available to your fellow knitting history geeks (like me!)

Keep on writin'!