10 March 2007


Lauren asked how I was doing, three days into meltdown, so I thought I'd better jump in and let you all know I'm still alive, in part no doubt due to the truly wonderful, supportive and encouraging comments you all left. Thank you!!! It really did help me get through the next morning / day and beyond, which was no small feat, since I spent it finishing off some revisions that I brought to my other advisor for a meeting yesterday. I've been spending today working on little, easy things that needed to be done for the appendices and such, so that I could get a little distance from all this before diving back into my revisions.

Today, taking my cue from Aidan, I read a little Harry Potter over my tea in the morning, and then did a little yoga.

P.S. Take this survey if you haven't already - it's a fun study break:

You filled out a questionnaire to assess your learning style along four scales: active/reflective, sensing/intuitive, visual/verbal, and sequential/global.

Your learning styles are: reflective, intuitive, visual, global.

  • active: you learn by trying things out, and enjoy working in groups.
    reflective: you learn by thinking things through, and prefer working alone or with one or two familiar partners.
  • sensing: you are concrete, practical, and oriented toward facts and procedures.
    intuitive: you are conceptual, innovative, and oriented toward theories and underlying meanings.
  • visual: you prefer visual representations of presented material, such as pictures, diagrams, and flow charts.
    verbal: you prefer written and spoken explanations.
  • sequential: you have a linear thinking process, and learn in incremental steps.
    global: you have a holistic thinking process, and learn in large leaps.

Your sense of humour is most similar to:

  • People in their 40's
  • People from: India
  • Of gender: Female
  • Who speak: Telugu
  • Your sense of humour is similar to those with a reflective, balanced sensing-intuitive, visual, and balanced sequential-global learning style.
If you'd like to take this survey, contact Eve Forster at Queen's University.


lauragayle said...

The hubster went through similar hell when he was in the final throes of his dissertation. I think your friend is correct about the hazing ritual. Keep plugging along! hugs to you!

ayla said...

I'm glad you're feeling more positive about your work. Sometimes you just have to let it go.

Beth said...

I have nothing more to say about this except

Marianne said...

Remember..courage, be dauntless.

I've been taking the survey, but haven't gotten through it all yet.