22 July 2006

Mom Sweater Complete

So. Like I said, I’m back from my trip to Michigan, where I really did for real – no, I’m not making this up – finish the Mom Sweater on time.

Naturally, because the @#^%# sweater has been cursed from Day One, I couldn’t get a decent photograph of it. Part of the reason was the awful weather (no light) and part was the infernal blackness of the yarn, which was the problem from the start. One of the problems. Anyway, lest you disbelieve that I actually finished the thing (rather than hiding it beneath a dumpster somewhere and just pretending I had no memory of the thing at all – what? Me? Promised mom a sweater for 50th birthday? You don’t say!), herewith I post some Really Bad Pictures:

Here it is, blocking on a sofa cushion. It was so humid, it took two and a half days to block, and that was with a dehumidifier running right next to it for the last 6 hours!!

This one was taken with a flash on, to pick up the detail of the cables, which are otherwise almost invisible even with the naked eye. It’s not a total loss, though – they still give a nice vertical look to the sweater that’s flattering.

Here’s mom modeling it, out of focus. That’s probably for the best, since she wasn’t too happy about her image being posted on the internet. She’s not even entirely sure what the internet is, after all. Anyway, bad picture though it is, It does at least show that the sweater fits, the neck hole is about right, the sleeves are long enough, and it’s not grievously big or small. In fact, it looks damn good, really. Too bad it’s still pretty itchy, even after washing with lanolin wool wash. But mom loves it, and points out that it is, at least, very likely much the same as the traditional sweaters our ancestors might have worn, and that was the whole point.

I cannot begin to describe how happy I was to be free to knit something else – ANYTHING else. Will post again soon to show you what else, exactly.

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The Purloined Letter said...

So beautiful. It looks like a great fit, too!