04 July 2006


Am still slogging away at the first sleeve of the Mom Sweater. I have almost reached the point I was at before I frogged. Sigh. But, the good news is, my knitting is at this moment so un-entrancing that I've been able to get much more work done on the diss than usual. If the weather weren't so damn-blast-bloody awful that I have migraines every other day, I'd probably be getting still more work done.

It's so tempting to go knit up some pretty little burp cloth or something, just to have a pretty picture to put here, but I'm really determined to either finish this sweater before the (end of) our visit to Mom's, or at least to fail only because I was writing so much, NOT because I was knitting other things.

I'm being really good, actually. I did yoga today, too.

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