24 July 2006

What Else I've Been Knitting

So, after finishing the mom sweater at last, I went back to some easy-peasy relaxing Mason-Dixon knitting, since that's what I'd brought needles for. We went to WalMart (since I have yet to find a source for Peaches & Cream yarn in cones in NYC - can anyone clue me in?) and I bought three cones for an Absorba bathmat. I wanted to do the neutral colors in the book, not so much to match my bathroom, as because my bathroom is one in a series of rented apartment bathrooms that have in common only being tiny, mildewy, and uncomfortable. They had white and cream, but the other cones were all variegated, so I ended up with a denim-blue variegated with the white and cream. I'm much happier with the results than I expected to be when looking at the cones separately. (But of course I bought them anyway, because I have a chance to go to WalMart once a year, and didn't want to pay shipping for cones). Lo and behold, when I tried it out in my bathroom, I realized there's a blueish tinge to the tiles and it looks really good. Anyway. I didn't knit Absorba in Michigan because, MUCH to my chagrin, I realized I'd accidentally brought size US17 needles instead of 15. Damn. So instead I spent my blissful Fisherman-sweater-free last day and a half of vacation knitting time finishing a burp cloth and a baby bib. The burp cloth ended up a bit short because I only had one not-quite-full skein of that yarn, but it's useable. I like what the slip stitches do to the variegated pattern.

The bib has been finished since taking this picture. One skein was just right.

When I got home, I immediately cast on for the Absorba. Realized my problem in grabbing the wrong needles was caused by not actually owning either a size 15 or 13 circular needle (that, and having put a 17 in the 15 slot of my holder), except for the ones in my Denise interchangeable set. Thank god for those. They turned out to be perfect, since I used one 13 tip, the extra extendable cord and a stopper to hold the inactive stitches around three sides of the mat (since I didn't BO each panel, but just held the stitches till I came around again). Anyway, I finished it really quickly, totally enjoyed the process, and my hands didn't even hurt. I think that's because I used the size 15s instead of 13, like a lot of people on the KAL are using. I think the mat would be cushier if I'd used smaller needles, but the 15s were much more comfortable, and the mat is still cushy enough. My only problem now is which to make the right side, which the wrong side? One side, shown here, is very smooth and with remarkably even transitions between panels (a surprise even to myself).

This side has gaps between each panel, but each gap is the same as the others, and I kind of like that it emphasizes the log-cabin structure, which is almost lost in the variegated colors on the other side. What do you think?

Finally (and I know this picture looks just like the previous two), here's Absorba in situ in the bathroom. It matches the mildew as well as blending reasonably well with the tile.

Stay tuned - I ain't done yet with telling stories of our exciting journey into the Midwest. Next up: wool sweaters on consignment, ya-hoo!


Leah said...

I love the Mason Dixson knits! I swear I am the last knitter on earth to not have a copy of it but I'm waiting til I stashbust before I buy any new books.

I love the rug!! It really makes me feel like I NEED one!!

Must stay focused on the stashbusting!! :)

The_Add_Knitter said...

I feel like I need to look at the Mason-Dixon book again because everything I've seen other people do is so appealling but the book seemed not that great in the bookstore..love the bath mat especially!

The Purloined Letter said...

The bathmat looks FANTASTIC! You've convinced me to knit one!