11 July 2006

Mom Sweater Gasps Its Way to Completion

Am. Almost. Done. Now. Gasp. Hack. Wheeze. Cough.

One sleeve done. The other is half-way. Two days remaining before our departure for Mom's house.

I took only one break from the sweater and the diss this week, and that was to work up a quick dishcloth for my friend's birthday, and to go to her party. I did it in delft blue and teal P&C, with lemon (color and scent) soap for accent color, and gave it to her together with a clutch of divine, fresh-dried lavender wrapped in yellow tissue paper. I was rather proud of myself for how well it came together (I think lavender & lemon are nice scents, together, too). It was a matter of sheer coincidence that my knitting needles, scissors, and darning needle were also yellow.

Also working steadily on the diss. Ever so slowly, teeny tiny tidbits of information are coalescing, taking shape, and finally starting to tell me what they mean. So, in short, it's a lot like knitting, but fewer bits of fuzzy wool end up on my shirt after working for some hours.

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KnitterBunny said...

too cute. Your blog is funny. Glad I decided to read down all of the comments on the Harlot blog.