16 June 2006

Time Out for Technical Difficulties

Our harddrive spontaneously died. Kaput. Three days of extremely painful dealings with Dell customer service later, and we seem to be back up again. Lost data. Lost three days. Hate Dell. Buying Mac next time.

Worked a little on Yak scarf. Did one felted clog, according to the Bev Galeskas pattern (which I've done before, but didn't photograph - will try to remember this time). Am avoiding the Cursed Sweater, because after finishing the first third of the second sleeve, I realized I was getting the fourth totally different gauge (to date) on the same sweater. This has never happened to me before, and I always do many projects at once, and leave things aside for ages before going back to them. And the gauge always stays the same, or close enough. Not so this time. My knitting in the main color seems to change drastically after doing a patch of multi-color knitting. Huh. And there's no blaming Dell for this - it was happening before, too.

The good news is that after the first 8 hours or so on the cell phone with customer service (we had to get rid of our landline phone after Verizon was unable, completely, to uncross our line from our schizophrenic neighbor's, who kept screaming "domestic terrorists! get off my phone!" at us every time we picked up our phone), we finally invested in a headset so we can talk on a cell phone hands-free. You know what this means? It means I can knit while on the phone!!

But seriously, what happened to customer service? Is there no business left in the world interested in retaining a customer past one purchase? Don't even get me started about TigerDirect. Yet, I've never had the slightest trouble with any of my many purchases from online yarn providers. Invariably, people who sell yarn and knitting supplies seem to be wonderful people. Perhaps this is an argument to spend more money on yarn, and less on anything else?

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