10 June 2006

Flower Garden

This morning I took my Icarus shawl and my husband up to Ft. Tryon Park - just up the hill from where we live - to take some pictures of the shawl in the sunshine. For the first time in ages, the sun did actually peek out from the clouds often enough for photographic purposes....

Here's me trying to copy the poses from the original issue of IK:

Here are some other random pictures of the shawl:

Here's the shawl wearing my ancestral pin, which I think becomes it nicely:

While we were there, I couldn't resist taking more pictures of flowers using the super macro setting on my camera. I can never get enough of these, even though I never know what to do with them later. Here's one with a bumble bee in it (they were everywhere, and all of them very fat):

Here's a bunch of flowers:

And here's the same bunch after I've been playing with them:

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming. Vacation is over, and I need to get back to work!


teresa said...

Gorgeous shawl, and great photos! It makes me wish my Icarus were closer to completion, but I have too many deadline projects to focus on first.

Katherine Of It All said...

That is some shawl, and some pin. Amazing along and together.

Julie said...

Love that shawl - and the fact that your shoes match just made me smile. I'n tempted to start an Icarus - but first have to finish the 3 that are on needles now.

The Purloined Letter said...

The shawl looks really beautiful. I especially love the pin!