03 June 2006

Viscous Blob

So here's the Icarus in its present state, looking like a viscous blob:

And here are the new markers, and the dental floss, because I know you wanted to see them in action:

You could also see my post to the KAL about how the Icarus in this state looks a lot like Elizabethan poofy breeches. Only it sags, more than poofs.

I was really hoping to finish with the fifth repeat of chart one, and the extra repeat of rows 19-34 or whatever those last few are, before going to bed last night, but alas, the rows just keep getting loooonger and loooonger, and once hubbster's WWII movie ended, I just couldn't stay awake anymore. Another knit-night with the girls tonight though, and I plan to at least start Chart 2 before I will let myself sleep tonight....

Though it's hard to just knit right now, when my Amazon shipment came yesterday and I finally have book 3 of the Mr. Darcy trilogy in hand. I still haven't quite got the hang of reading and knitting at the same time, sadly. I can only do it at all with a hard-bound book (as paperbacks won't stay up in my book stand), and then I end up knitting for a minute or two, then reading, and back and forth.


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