12 February 2007


So I've been starting one project after another, and usually throwing them down in frustration at some point, only to start some totally new project. But, a few things have gotten done:

1. The last first-drafts of the last chapter. Yes, folks, I'm basically done with writing from scratch...but there's a LOT of revising to do. Still, I'm feeling pretty good about that. I like revising.

2. Two out of the three red scarves. Couldn't get the third done by the deadline, so it'll have to wait until next year. Didn't even have time to photograph them before they went - sorry!

3. Widdershins. Finally. I used the sized-up numbers heroically figured out by David Demchuk, and graciously shared with math-impaired me. I still ended up having to fuss and re-knit the gusset on the first sock three times due to my monstrously misshapen feet, but the good news is, the pair is now done, the fit is PERFECT, as in - gosh - it's like they were made for me! You know, by someone who knew what they were doing. And now I do know what I'm doing, because I wrote it all down so I can repeat it on every future sock. Hurrah! The yarn is a truly wonderful in-house cashmere from School Products, with a little nylon. I think it cost all of $13 (I bought it a couple years ago, but I'm certain it wasn't more than that, since I've never spent more than that on one small skein of yarn, or even close). I was very pleased with how tall the socks ended up being - I knitted until I ran out, and literally had only a few inches leftover. They're soft, soft, soft, partly because of they're boucle structure - not to mention the 95% cashmere, of course.

I immediately embarked on a new set of socks, using the abso-fabu-gorgeous handspun Krista sent me. Remember howI was debating about whether I could really put yarn this gorgeous on my feet, or whether I shouldn't use it for lace instead? I came upon a perfect solution! I'm making moccasin socks, and using Kroy for the soles, and handspun for the rest! And since it looks like I've got tons of yarn here, I think they'll be tall socks. I'm using the Anastasia pattern from Pepperknits, not least because I loved the Anastasia Krupnik books. I'm completely, madly in love with the colors of the handspun. But I'm not so in love with the Size 1 needles at the moment, because I've just been too exhausted, shaky and headachy to deal.

Soooo....I also started a skirt. A sort of cheer-leader skirt, except in this really dull metallic color to tone down the effect a bit. I got the idea for a short-ish pleated skirt in a neutral color from an ad for Blue Sky Alpacas, though I can't find the ad anymore. But the idea kept floating around my head, then I made the mistake of mentioning it to Hubbster, and of course he's ALL in favor of a short skirt....(Update: found it. Mine's a little different, it looks like, but now that I'm started on it I might as well keep going and see what happens. Someday I think I'll make another according to the pattern, tho, with the super-lightweight alpaca. It does look nice...)

So here I am, having now had lots of practice with my 1x1 rib. The yarn is 50%-50% wool/cotton. It's not plied, but rather the kind that's knitted into a tube, like I-cord. Fun to play with. A little stiff, like cotton, but still has some bounce, like wool. I got it in Budapest and meant to make a baby jacket with it, since I think wool/cotton is the ultimate baby yarn (all natural but washable). The hot pink you see along the CO edge is not meant to stay - it's the waste yarn I used for the provisional CO. However, I have to say, I rather like it with the gray-green. Who knows, maybe I'll leave it there.

Speaking of baby sweaters, in a sudden fit of needing to knit something by EZ, I started a baby surprise jacket. Using two colors of Arucania 100% wool that I got on sale once, years ago. I've been wanting to try it out, but I find the handpainted variations too busy for most things, and the wool a bit scratchy for socks. I know, I know, if it's too scratchy for socks it's probably bad for a baby too, but I figure it would be a jacket worn over other clothing anyway. Mainly, I just wanted to play with this pattern and this yarn, and I'm totally enjoying it. Now I just have to find a baby.

Oh wait. Sorry. That's not one of my WIPs. That's one of Hubbster's. Going well though, I think.

Wasn't my last post with knitting content also filled with WIPs? How did this happen? What happened to my lovely rules?

Sigh. I dunno. Must rest. And then start revising.


Krista McCurdy said...

Kate, I have that Blue Sky Alpacas pattern, if you want it! I knit it for a LYS sample, but I will never knit it for myself. So if you want it, I' ll drop it in the mail to you! And thanks for the html tip! I'm so html challenged.

Specs said...

You should definitely allow yourself a day or two off as a transition period between writing and revising. It can't hurt and you'll return to the draft with "fresh eyes" (even though I hate that term because it makes me think of popping my eyes out and Windexing them).

Congrats on finishing the original drafting!

hyunjee said...

All you have left is revising! That is so so so awesome. I met with my advisor today and after a while she said, "I understand your method now. Stew and spit. And then revise." Doesn't sound pretty, but it's pretty apt. And you're right, revising is so much better than coming up with coherent things to say.

You've totally inspired me. Seriously. Go you!

Kirsten said...

You're not alone with your startitis.
My wips pile is constantly growning.

Congrats on finishing the first draft!

Beth said...

I've been considering a sweater but I am forcing myself not to start it until I finish the second sock of the pair I've been knitting for 6 months. Not making much progress though since I'm knittin a shawl and the socks are not even close to my knitting area.

David Demchuk said...

Congratulations on your wonderful Widdershins--and I'm so glad I could help! (I love the thought of cashmere socks, but I don't think I could bring myself to walk in them.) Cheers!

Marianne said...

You do just constantly amaze me, and impress me with everything you do.

Congratulations on finishing the first draft!!!

Beth said...

O.K. so I started the sweater and the sock isn't done. You are a bad influence (I hafta blame it on somebody)