04 October 2006

Place Meme

I made this one up, partly inspired by Brenda Dayne's recent Cast-On series on "A Sense of Place." Pass it on!

Place Meme

All the Places I've Lived Before:

Holland, Michigan
Hamar, Norway
St. Petersburg
New York
Ivanovo, Russia

[Note: these are all really cold places. This was not done by choice. But at least I've always had a lot of use for wool sweaters]

All the Places I'd Like to Live (all practical constraints being ignored):

South of France
New Zealand
New England

Nice Places to Visit, But I Wouldn't Want to Live There:

Eastern Europe (not for longer than a few years at a time in any one place, anyway)
Hot climates (my ideal would be four full, roughly equal seasons)

My Next Vacation Will Be To:

New Hampshire

My Best Fantasy Vacation Is In:

Meg Swanson's Knitting Camp in Wisconsin
Sicily - beaches, scenery, history, food
Knitting and architecture tour of the Baltic capitals
Hiking tour of British Isles
Knitting tour of Iceland
Barbados - you need to have one tropical fantasy

The Strangest Place I've Ever Been:

The bus station in Rostov-the-Great (central Russia), after our last bus left, and after the food poisoning had kicked in. I guess it wasn't so much strange (I've spent a lot of time in Russia), as especially awful.

The Strangest Place I'd Ever Like to Be:

I'm going to translate this as "most remote place" or "strange to me" and say the steppes of Central Asia

A Place I've Been Wondering About:

The Middle East. For obvious reasons. Though I'm also really fascinated by the history, art and culture of the region and very much hope that it will be possible in my lifetime to visit a prosperous, peaceful Middle East as a carefree tourist.

A Place I'd Like to Avoid:

Most of the red states. For now, anyway.

I'm off to NH and I can't wait!


Marianne said...

Have a good Holiday! I love your new template...I loved your old one too,and it did seem to fit, but this one seems to light and bright (duh, because it *is*). I need to go and catch up with your posts.

Beth said...

So I go away for a week and when i get back I don't even recognize you anymore? I had to check the heading several times.
Looks good though!

Tarilyn said...

Love the new look of your blog!!

Specs said...

I redid my blog, too. Hooray for redesigning!

And I hope you have/had a wonderful time in NH.

spider said...

Hi Kate,
Love the new heading photo, overall bright look and the lovely photo of yourself. I'm afraid I'm in a red state and so red I personally shine like an apple, but really, we don't bite.....not too hard, at least :) The fiber arts bring us all together nicely, however - politics aside....Happy travels in a highly electric blue state....

spider said...

Ok Kate,
I obviously have color dyslexia with regards to my political view. I am blue, for goodness sakes. In fact, I'm not even that sometimes, depending on who is running for the Democratic party and if they're too much like the opposite side of the same coin as Republicans. Now that that's cleared up, thank goodness knitting doesn't have a political stance - well, at least not in the way we're talking about it.