19 May 2008

Kromski Sonata (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Um.....okay, I haven't posted in a long time, and I kind of have a hell of a lot to tell you all, most of which won't get told. Because I need to get back to my spinning. On my brand-new Kromski Sonata spinning wheel.

Yeah, you read that right. I had to go home sooner than expected (visa issues, again) and as a reward I got my spinning wheel early.


Sorry for just one bad picture from the whole receiving-opening-assembling exciting initial stage, but it turned out I had to charge my camera battery, and I wasn't about to wait to open it! This picture is from the moment the battery finished charging, by which time I'd been spinning all afternoon and the light was gone....


First yarn!



Beauty shots.


First yarn (undyed wool) on the left, kool-aid dyed silk hankies on the right, to be plied together for socks.


Dyed corriedale, and the first official bobbin of for-real-intended-to-be-good-yarn fiber (the previous bobbins being from more or less scrap fiber, but surprisingly very nice after the first few yards).

All this - wheel and fiber (and you ain't seen the half of the fiber yet) is from Beth's awesome year-round-fiber-festival shop (which has a spiffy new web site and is now open for online orders!). I had to call Beth about setting up the Scotch tension, but otherwise the whole assembly and getting started business was completely easy and effortless, thanks in large part to the early spinning training I got from Beth and Erika when I was in Michigan last summer, and my subsequent obsessive research on the internet since then.

Did you know that Beth is my new Favorite Person in the World?

So now it's official: I'm A Spinner.

The only thing missing for the wheel is a name....



MagFly said...

It has to be in norwegian: Rokken

I rokk m1 (norr rokkr)
1 redskap til å spinne på
2 overf: skrøpelig kjøretøy en gammel r-

KnitMongrel said...

I vote Vronsky. :)

Glad to get an update - I miss you 'round the Rav. When are we going yarn shopping/vodka tasting? Hope all is well...

Beth said...

Seriously? That's all we get? I'd like to file a formal complaint about lack of content.

I vote for Kielbasa:-)

Carrie said...

It's so pretty. I'm not even a spinner (yet) and I want to pet it. Can I pet it? (Kidding. Sort of.) I can certainly see how it makes the ickiness just a wee bit less icky. :)

Ruth's Place said...

Sorry you had to come home early! But, wow your wheel looks fabulous!!!

historicstitcher said...

I second the formal complaint on lack of content! I feel cheated!!!

So when are you coming out to visit us? Do the June 21st Summer Solstice Sale at Beth's! I could get you at the train station in Dearborn or Ann Arbor...

And I vote for Borscht.

Jessica said...

Ooh, pretty. With any luck I'll be picking up my first wheel this weekend at a fiber festival. I hope my first yarn looks as nice as yours does, although I'm trying not to get myself too excited about making usable yarn at first.

Beth said...

Okay so you are spinning all of the time so I've tagged you for a meme.
Go check it out at my blog:-)

Anonymous said...

How goes the affair of the wheel now? I'm interested because the Sonata is the most affordable travel wheel for me. And I'm interested because you've not been a-ravelling lately. All's well? Dunk XX