05 June 2007

WIP: Lace Sampler

Edited to Add: there are a few other knitting books on sale at Amazon right now. Look also for Knitting for Peace, or just search under "knitting," in "books" and look at the first few pages. I noticed that one book that was $5 yesterday (Greeting from the Knit Cafe) is back to normal price.

I feel guilty. Like maybe I've been neglecting my wonderful, old, more-than-a-year-old bloggy-woggy (not to mention Bloglines) in favor of that hot little tart, Ravelry. Does this make me a blog harlot? Something like that. Anyway. Hubbster came home with the camera, at last, but there was only about a half hour of daylight left. So here's the best I could do:

Of course it looks like cat barf right now, but I love it anyway. As pointed out by the Purloined Letter, lace is incredibly good therapy for deeply bruised nerves and brain, or at least so I'm finding out. The only example of extended lace knitting (or knitted lace - whatever) that I did before (Icarus) was in the middle of a deep procastination phase, and it also served me well by absorbing me completely at a moment when I needed to get away (and ended in a very quickly finished shawl!). Now, I feel like I'm getting something different out of it, something less like escape and more like meditation. For this the sampler idea is perfect, and especially from a great book like Victorian Lace Today. The author adds little tidbits next to each chart, noting things like "it's an in-between stage in the development of lace - reverse stockinette is used to add definition, but decreases are still unidirectional." I feel like I'm both learning and practicing a little bit of the history of lace by moving through these charts, and the excellent presentation in this book really helps me to pay attention and take in the nuances of the patterns as I go. And, of course, the yarn is beautiful, the needles (KnitPicks Classic Circ US3) are perfect, and I'd love it even if it wasn't going to block into breathtaking beautifulness.

Oh - and Amazon put some knitting books on super-sale. This morning I got Knit 2 Together for $5, and since there's no point in not getting free shipping, I also took this little opportunity to totally cheat on my book diet and also order Galina Khmeleva's Gossamer Webs. I justify this because I'm going to take her class at Beth's spinning shop in August!!!!!!! (btw, Beth, while I'm thinking about it, in answer to your question: I still don't know, need to talk to mom and sort out transport question, which is increasingly complicated...are there buses in Michigan??)


EnnaVic said...

I bought Knit 2 Together a month or so back - mostly because I like Tracey Ullman. Once I got it I also realised Mel Clark was a Kiwi (duh!), and some of the patterns and commentary have quite a Kiwi touch to them.

I have a few things in there that I will definitely make at some stage - including the Muriwai mat for a friend who lives at Muriwai. Do you have anything specific in mind to make from it? :)

The Purloined Letter said...

Lace! Yippee! And maybe the cat barf-to-gorgeous thing lace does is part of its transformative power?

I'm so jealous that you are going to meet Galina!

ruth said...

The lace looks great.

Knitting Therapy said...

Thanks for the heads up. Is there a list of books that are on sale or must you search by titles?

Marianne said...

Lovin' the lace!
I'm playing around with some of that kidsilk haze (it was a gift) and talk about slippery!

Lace is good for the soul.

historicstitcher said...

Lace therapy...maybe we should trademark it! I'm using it as well, and getting great results. Yours is lovely! I think only a knitter sees the potential beauty in handknit lace pre-blocking. Everyone else only sees the crumpled yarn.

Looking forward to seeing/meeting you at Beth's in August. let me know if I can help with the transport issue. And no, we don't have functional buses in Michigan. But I DO drive by the airport on my way to Beth's, if that's helpful at all... Let me know.

Beth said...

Buses? In the land of the car makers? Ha!
Maybe a meeting in the middle thing on Thursday? and a pick up b your Hubby on Friday? Historic Stitcher is sleeping over too if that helps. Jammies Party - with snacks.