05 June 2007


Look look look!

So even if your number hasn't yet been called, start photographing your stash now! Jeepers, how have three days passed and I've done...nothing but play with Ravelry. Haven't caught up on emails. Haven't knitted, hardly. Haven't blogged. Sure as hell haven't done the dishes or the laundry. Did get some quick groceries, but only to fuel more play time. This is d a n g e r o u s stuff, here, folks. And probably the only reason I'm posting this now is that Hubbster took the camera to the library and so I can't photograph my stash right now, or even get a picture of my new sampler lace project (which was going along nicely before Ravelry and will surely continue to progress soon). How kick-ass will it be to have pictures and accurate data of everything - yarn, needles, books, projects??

Oh, and another thing. I completely missed my blogiversary. Blew right by me. Will have to think of some other excuse for a contest at some point soon. And then think of a contest. Workin' on it.

Should probably go forage for food, or bathe, or something.


Susan said...

Oh I totally know what you mean! I'm simply FURIOUS that my Flickr account still (!!!!) isn't fixed and am thinking of simply opening another one & scrapping the first because I cannot wait any longer for the snafu to be fixed on their end!

And today, when I was supposed to be getting ready for work and leaving the house on time? I was instead photographing just the merest smidgen of my stash. And having a blast of a time doing so!

Fiberjoy said...

A year plus traveling with significant in Russia! Whew, you must be giddy with anticipation and swamped getting everything lined up for such a long journey.

I'm glad you'll be blogging on the road. I enjoy lurking from time to time.

Penny said...

which is why i'm not upset at all my "number hasn't yet been called"... when in heck would I have slept? (oh wait, who needs sleep?)

I'm looking forward to your posts from Russia. One day...

Octopus Knits said...

Ooo -- don't, your getting me excited! I've already photographed my whole stash (as I bought it), but now I'm thinking that some of the photos don't do it justice. I'm looking forward to whenever I get to use Ravelry.... and happy missed blogiversary!