30 January 2008

A Raffle and Some Hose

You guys are awesome! Huge, public thanks to those who volunteered to read The Brick! I hope it isn't too painful.

In other news, I wanted to tell you about a couple of cool things.

~~Warning: slight political content ahead: ignore at will~~

You may have noticed that I'm an Obama supporter. The man rocks my world, and I'm very enthusiastic. I've posted all about it all over Ravelry, so if you want to know why you can find out there (here's a starting point), but my point here is just to let any interested parties know that a group of Ravelry Obama supporters are behind a raffle to raise funds for the Obama campaign. The big prize is a hand-knitted Obama afghan, and there are lots of other yarny prizes. Every $5 you donate gets you one raffle ticket. You can donate here, and find out more details about the raffle and the prizes here on Ravelry. After you donate, you should send a confirmation email to obamaknitters [AT] gmail [DOT] com, saying how much you donated, and if you want specifying which prize you want to be in the drawing for (list here). Any unspecified tickets are in the drawing for the afghan.

You don't have to be on Ravelry to donate or win a prize; but for the detailed inside dope on prizes, that's the place to go. The Raffle itself will take place on April 1. Tell your non-knitting friends. As long as they donate on that site, they'll get a raffle ticket for the afghan for every $5 donated.

In other news, I found yarn here. Soy yarn. Not pricey at all. Int-er-est-ing. Will tell you more soon, when I have pictures.

Also, if you're like me, when you see the obligatory picture of woven, seamed hose in books on historical knitting, you think "gak! thank god for knitted socks!" and wonder how anyone could ever have wanted woven hose. And then maybe you read that woven hose continued to be worn for a long time after knitting developed, and wonder...why? Erika over at Historic Stitcher has posted a magnificent exploration of this issue! Go check it out.

That is all. More later!


LizKnits said...

I've been admiring obama from an uninvolved distance before and almost ready to jump into the volunteering bandwagon. Thanks for the links... I'll have to check them out to see what's up.

Friender said...

Have you seen this? (Obama "Yes We Can" music video)